Your Halloween Forecast for October 31, 2012

Full Moon + Halloween = Fun!

This Halloween will be perfect for toasting the glorious Moon with a bonfire on the beach or a candlelit dinner for two or twelve! As soon as the Sun goes down both fiery, red Mars and sister star Antares are headed to the Underworld on the Western horizon. They are looking for a little action as always, feeling sexy and ready to indulge or get into trouble. It’s a better plan to indulge them. Then a bright “almost” Full Moon will rise with generous and bright Jupiter. They are telling the story of your Halloween evening, and it’s beautiful. Want a more detailed forecast for All Hallow’s Eve? Talk with Psychic Fiona ext. 5178 to get all the insights.

Plan your creative efforts and your Halloween party—whether public or private—around this energy. The Day of the Dead brings inspiring spirit guides for your creativity and the mischievous sprites help create a fun party this Friday evening.


You’re more than at home traveling at mach velocity with hair ablaze than any other way, so your high-energy Halloween will be a lot of fun. You’ll be throwing out the best one-liners in your brand new repertoire, and your lover and friends will be thrilled. Enjoy.


If your partner is getting a little serious and intense with you on All Hallow’s Eve, delight them with your romantic side. You’re wonderfully intuitive this Halloween evening and will understand their needs. This is a terrific day and night to create something beautiful in setting the mood for a party or love-making. You will be enchanting.


Even if you overdo it a bit with compliments to lovers and friends, they will delight in every second of it! Your mood is romantic with even a sense of erotic longing, and you can express this beautifully and emotionally as well. Your creations will be as successful as your public or private party on Halloween evening.


You will bring the “spiritual” into the spirits being celebrated this Halloween evening by finding yourself being the party, or someone’s personal psychic without even intending it. You’ll soothe and inspire others, and if you’re looking to take a karmic relationship to the next level, this could well be your day.


That person dancing around the flame at this Halloween’s celebration, no doubt will be you. While there has been a little seriousness around everyone’s energies lately, tonight is the night that surprises take place, and you will be the “element of fire” in a group situation and with a lover.


You may find friends or a brother or sister being a bit solemn this Halloween evening, but they’re just waiting to have a sense of release from their worries. Since you’re the one who normally works the hardest, you’ll help everyone feel good about taking a little break for some inspiration and fun. If you’re having a party, invite your favorite psychic or medium over, and you could really make a difference in the life of someone dear.


You’re just the “muse” to arrange a quick trip to someplace interesting and inspiring on All Hallow’s Eve. You might want to take friends or a lover to a local museum of Mexican art celebrating the Day of the Dead—a sort of Mayan pre-December 12, 2012 stimulation for them. A little “surprise” sexy scene with your lover could do the same inspiring trick.


Do you play music, paint, write or do other creative work? October 31 is a perfect evening to have a party to display your amazing creations or to take people to enjoy your favorite artists. The Moon is in your Sun Sign’s area of communing with spirit—something you do naturally—so if you feel like it, channel your very best words.


You’re looking for as much excitement this Halloween evening as your fiery friends Aries and Leo. Maybe each of you should take a corner of the room of any party and entertain everyone with more energy than anyone should probably have. Everyone will love your sense of humor and style, and if it’s a special lover rather than a party, well, how great that will be!


Today you will not be accepting any nonsense from anyone, and you’ll love it. Go ahead and show others how fertile your mind is and how deep you are underneath that steady exterior that everyone relies on. Show off your rich party and lover side this Halloween evening.


You will have everyone rolling on the floor laughing this Halloween evening with your irreverent, but still loving, comments. It is your night to be “on” with great tales and hilarious insights that are right on the money. You may have your lover chuckling right into bed before things get more serious, in a good way.


You may be so lost in your artistic creations this Halloween evening that it will take you awhile to notice that you’re captivating a lover, friends or audience. Your words and work will not only enthrall but heal someone tonight. Relax and enjoy the results with that special one. Need some healing energy and insight yourself? Talk with Psychic Abigail ext. 9570 and find your heart reawakening.

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