Samhain: A Time to Transform

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6,000 or more years ago ancient civilizations that practiced earth-based religion developed a system of transformation based on how the earth nurtures, grows, harvests, and reseeds. This time of year is for the harvests, in both nature, and in ourselves. Samhain (pronounced SAH-win) is a time of letting go, and renewal. It is the time for giving up that tired, old bone of resentment, anger, grudges, grief about what “didn’t” happen for you yet, and to reshape the space all those negatives took up and create a space for new energy to come into your life instead.

The seasons do help us move energy inside ourselves. For instance, springtime fills the heart with thoughts of love and playing outside gaily. That is what we do in spring; we go outside and start new things (seeds). In the summer we bask in the sun and enjoy the warmth of our relationships (we grow). In the fall, we begin to harvest all that was created, and to burn away the old dead fall.  In winter (as it now approaches), we need to start fresh, clear, and ready to open our arms and our hearts to what the next spring will bring to us to plant in the rich fertile soil of our lives.

So here is a little process that could help you to transform:

1. Take a peeled apple (whole) and a bowl full of whole cloves, or you can use push pins, or even toothpicks. Create a clear and quiet time to sit down with your freshly peeled large apple, and begin to breathe slowly, ten counts in and out. Imagine your life in the last year as the spokes on a bicycle wheel. In your mind’s eye see the “spoke” you are on right now. Now go counter clockwise slowly back until you are thinking of the first spoke of the year one year ago (so about this time last year). Now think through the months, each time you think of something that causes you pain, or any type of psychic discomfort, push in a point (clove, pin, or toothpick) and move on to the next issue/month until you have gone through all the issues for the year.

2. Put the apple somewhere where the air can get to it, and watch it turn brown and shrivel up, see how some of the points may fall out on their own? This is because we do tend to heal if we have time and let things go. Now after about two to four weeks (depending on the climate you live in) that apple is ready for final harvest. Look at what happens when we hold on to the points of “dis-ease”… we rot. Meditate on releasing what is “rotting” inside of you.

3. Now with great respect (for this apple has served us very well!) take out each pin and discard into the trash, saying or thinking as you do, “Thank you for the lessons you have given me. I am stronger and wiser because of this pain.” When at last your apple is clear, you can go and bury it near a tree… allow it to let go of its “apple” energy to feed that tree and to help it grow new fruit, just as we shall grow new fruit in our own lives.

When you are unclear, if you are confused, or do not know how to step forward into your future, call us. We love the calls where we help you look to your future. We are here to help you find clarity. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “Samhain: A Time to Transform

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article, Yemaya

    For us Wiccans, it is a very important Sabbat and symbolizes the third and final harvest of the year.

    For myself, as an hereditary Celtic Wiccan, it symbolizes our New Years Eve and rings in the Witches New Year . It is also a time for intiations as well.

    Samhain is a time of transformation and inner work.

    It is also a sombre time of remembrance, when we remember and honour those who have died. The veil is thinnest between the worlds and we call on the spirits of the dead and invite them to feast with us on this, the feast of death. We call upon our ancestors and contact the ancient wisdom.

    It is a time of endings, but also a time of beginnings, as Samhain is a Celtic New Year’s Eve festival. Thus we give up the past and look to the future, and it is also a good time for skrying.

    It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Samhain is a good time for banishings, and for sorting out unfinished business.

    At Samhain we look back and take stock of the past year and contemplate what we have learned.

    Samhain is also the time to face our shadow, the dark side of ourselves.

    Merry Samhain , Eerybody !!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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