Red Responds: They Act Like an Old Married Couple

Dear Red,

I am in an interesting situation. Last year, during the process of my divorce, I reunited with an old and dear friend who I had not spoken to in 23 years. We have revived our friendship and even decided to share space (platonically).

I guess the word friend is not the right term, as I have very deep feelings for him. Neither of us are dating others, and we spend almost every waking, nonworking moment together. Those around us tell me that we act like an old married couple (including my daughter, my mother, and my best friends) and that the sexual tension between us is quite obvious.

Do you see this going further? This man is probably the one great love of my life. We went through a great deal when we were young — more than most people at that age. There was only one night, 25 years ago, where things went beyond the platonic. Now, there is a lot of hugging and a very comfortable routine. It could almost be said that there is a lot of love between us although that has yet to be voiced. I am too shy to admit to him how I really feel about him.

Please help — I am so confused!

Frustrated in Colorado

Dear Frustrated,

There’s no “almost” about it, there is a lot of love between you! The two of you have an absolutely beautiful relationship that is going to flourish and grow.

It seems as if both of you cherish each other and the current arrangement to the point that neither of you is willing to make the first move, for fear of compromising what currently exists. It’s like a days-gone-by, old-time love story. Rather beautiful, if you ask me.

Clear your head of the confusion and enjoy each and every moment. The best is yet to come!

September looks like a magical month when he will come forward and “test” the waters. Pay attention to the playful innuendos that are actually quite serious. Take notice of the “we” and “us” that you hear in relation to future plans. He is looking for confirmation that you feel as he does before “risking” bringing this relationship into the passion plane.

Once he “knows” that he’s more to you than just your best friend, the passion will flow. This time around, it won’t be for just one night. It looks like it will be for the rest of them.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that you need to do any differently than what you are doing. After all, being you has earned you the love and devotion of a very good man. What could not be all those years ago will be even better than the fantasy now. Like fine wine, true love improves with gentle handling and age.

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