Red Responds: Sometimes Our Heads Know More Than Our Hearts

Dear Red,

I was in a
beautiful 2 year relationship with a woman I’m sure was my soulmate. She went to
LA for school, and the distance spoiled her idea of commitment. Now its been 2
1/2 years and we haven’t spoken, still I love her with all of my heart! I still
feel we are a match made in the stars. I’ve made it through the pain. Should I hold out hope on my dream girl, or close the door and take our
relationship as a learning experience? My heart says she’s the one, my head
says move on and don’t look back. What should I do?

Lost in

Dear Lost in Love,

Sometimes our heads know much
more than our hearts. It’s a
painful reality that most of experience at least once in our journey through
this life.

There is no quick cure to stop
loving someone when they have stopped loving us. While there is really nothing I can do
or say to help you with that particular issue, I can tell you that letting go of
the dream will help.

The relationship you had shared
with your ex is over, and it is time to move on. As for closing the door, that is really
the only thing you can do, because she isn’t on the other side of it.

You two shared a fabulous
journey, and for that, be grateful.
There are so many more good memories than bad. And while it was a good relationship
while it lasted, each of you are supposed to be on separate paths at this point
in time. You will see her again,
but the relationship will be one of friends, not lovers.

Each time we find love, it is
different than the time before.
Sometimes better, sometimes worse.
And there are always different levels of connection involved as
well. While you may not believe
this at the moment, there is an even greater love and more powerful connection
that lies ahead of you. In time,
you will meet her. For now, you
must continue to heal.

I really hate being the Grimm

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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