Full Moon in Taurus

Full moon in taurus The Full Moon on November 2, 2009 is all about getting physical. The opposition of the Sun in sultry Scorpio, and the Moon in sensual Taurus intensifies lusty encounters. It’s time to enjoy the pleasures of a good meal, a leisurely massage, a sexy affair, or anything else that delights the senses.

Best of all, there’s an added bonus: the Full Moon forms a grand trine with Saturn and Jupiter, accelerating professional opportunities, prosperity and stability. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will especially benefit over the next two weeks or so. The only challenge will be Neptune’s influence, which can cast a cloud of confusion over your activities, especially if you’re a Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius. So strive for clarity and keep your eyes open for the blessings headed your way!

For more specifics, read your Sun and ascendant signs below.

Scorpio: Twosome affairs escalate! If you’re solo, a compatible partner may be headed your way – if your heart is truly open. Ask yourself what you really want in a relationship and focus on your goals to bring them in. On a more practical level, a business partnership can bring an opportunity.

Sagittarius: A leisurely romp in a natural environment makes passion percolate. Flirting at work can bring delight – or complications, so be picky about who you hook up with. In your career, taking a more grounded approach to your projects will enhance your reputation and help you realize your goals.

Capricorn: Romantic energy surrounds you now, which can draw a new prospect or electrify the relationship you already have. It’s time to share your playful side, especially in the bedroom. Also, a creative project you’ve been working on could sprout wings and soar – if you believe in yourself.

Aquarius: Put away your logical side (for the most part, anyway) and let your instincts come out to play! The sensual Full Moon heightens intimacy – if you’re not afraid to show your deeper feelings. Share your style and artistry by throwing a party. Of course, a party for two can also bring delight!

Pisces: The right words at the right time can intensify your mystique, so share your wisdom and wit to attract romance. Whether it’s in-person or via a text message, flirting can bring intriguing results. Verbal artistry is fine, but be sure to keep it real so you don’t stumble into a misunderstanding.

Aries: Physical desires bring exquisite pleasure – if you can be patient. Slow down to deepen the intimacy with your sweetie. In business, being practical will help you realize your aspirations now. If a financial opportunity is presented to you, be sure you thoroughly understand the offer before accepting it.

Taurus: The Full Moon in your sign brings out your naughty side! Your charisma is in full swing and manifesting a romantic interlude is assured. Look for a financial opportunity, too, possibly through a creative project. You’re super emotional now, so take some quiet time to get centered.

Gemini: Your unconscious is being energized, which will illuminate issues from the past that need to be resolved. A past lover may resurface, too. In romance, your brain takes a break when your instincts take over! Your intuition is heightened now, so pay attention to the guidance of your hunches.

Cancer: Socializing brings pleasure and perhaps a career opportunity as well. Desire kicks into high gear and a sudden attraction may surprise you. If you’re solo, look for love through a group endeavor, like a community event or friendly get-together. It’s time to open your heart to someone special.

Leo: Your ability to lead others makes you a magnet for bothprofessional and romantic opportunities, so get out there and shine! Now is the time to promote a project close to your heart. It’s all about balance, so you’ll need to resolve the tug-of-war between your career and your personal life.

Virgo: Your knowledge can bring you acclaim now, so share your brainpower. On the romance front, a class or trip can bring a sexy tryst. Overall, you’re more antsy than usual. Exploring other cultures, even if it’s just having an exotic meal at a foreign restaurant, can fulfill your need for adventure.

Libra: Intimacy heats up and your creativity is on fire! But you may also need to be alone for a while. Strive to balance the heightened passion with time to recharge. It’s also an excellent time to do some physical and emotional healing. What (or who) do you need to let go of in order to move forward?

How is the Full Moon shaping up for you?

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