Your Weekend Horoscope for January 3 – 5, 2014

weekend horoscope january 3

Your First Weekend Horoscope of the New Year!

We welcome the new year with prayers and wishes for peace, love and happiness! This weekend (the first of many) starts us off with a romantic vibration via the Aquarius Moon flowing into a Pisces Moon from Friday to Saturday where we benefit from the spiritual energy of both signs. More parties keep the fun going! 2014 holds some amazing events in its universal hands! Here’s your Weekend Horoscope.


First you get attention, and then you put your charming spell on those who surround you. Magic happens in your world this weekend as love and creativity flow from every pore in your body. Get plenty of rest Sunday night so you are ready for the week ahead.


Practicality and strength enhance your being as you proceed with plans to help a friend. There is a reward for your hard work at the end of the day, so do not begrudge anyone your abilities.


Your wave of success has peaked, so now is a good time to get some rest. Another wave of high vibrations will be available to you to ride again soon. Loved ones need attention and this weekend is the prefect time to share your love.


Good mood alert! You’re happy to be alive and working your mojo by cooking up some great food for friends and family. This makes the next few days super positive. The cookbooks you got as a gift pave the way for a feast featuring many cultures.


Center stage is waiting for your arrival! This is one of those times where your shyness gets put on the back burner and you shine. It’s okay to show off your talents and wow the crowd.


Having to work this weekend is okay with you. The raise coupled with the love of your job is what turns you on. There are projects that need your attention and because no one is around to bother you, you can work in peace with focus.


Communication highlights whatever you do and wherever you go. Listening to what others say and using your ability to make intelligent decisions and sound judgments make you the go-to person this weekend.


Calming your nerves with meditation and music brings joy into your life. Acting from a place of serenity enables you to help others see the light. There is a reason your gifts are acute this weekend—use them freely.


You inspire family and friends with your creative nature. Gathering at a restaurant for an evening meal gives you the platform to share a new idea. Speaking from your heart stirs emotions, making everyone feel motivated.


With a new business underway and the energy of loved ones, you cannot help but smile. Pets and a close family member need your attention as you ease the aging process with your love and kindness.


Like a shining star, you light up whatever environment you enter. If you keep your influence in mind and work from your highest self, not only will you feel good, but you’ll also pave the way for others to feel good.


A song inside your head will not stop playing. It is a sign that you will see the person who put it there in the very near future. Take note of the spiritual energy and your thoughts. Manifesting your dreams comes naturally.

7 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope for January 3 – 5, 2014

  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi bella,
    supporting your efforts to the upmost.
    I know you *wink* cause I have read for you and I know how real and caring you are.
    you are a very special person.
    love you,

  2. Bella

    4 Laura #1 yes I have FYI you peanut gallery #2 you peanut gallery you FYI she was already pregnant when I got her sorry how do I know this BCZ She was very sick girl – FYI I knew this 2 B4 hand BCZ since she had been abused negated – 2 but she’s the sweetest dog ever FYI that’s why I’ve decided 2 keep her little butt no I’m not giving her back …#3 why – how do I know this it’s BCZ I had 2 take her 2 the vet every every other day a week 4 about 3 weeks 2 get her help straight out BCZ i DO love all animals so much why BCZ I don’t believe N killing NATA especially NO animals no bit even once they are already pregnant you see … #4 I’m very political active where I live @ & I mean damn well business don’t ever cross my ass legally 4 injustice causes cases yes this includes animals 2 so that’s why I’ve helped 2 secure tougher LAWS 4 abused animals where I do live @ & have you ??? #5 A natural response IS = my vet – myself biggest concern is are the puppies gonna be normal due 2 her taking her medications after conception Is what my vet & Mine concerns about right now , guess what if they are not ok is it my puppies fault I think not ,if so I’ve thought that far ahead & I’ll make the best out of it , but my vet says just like with real people they should be ok guess what they 2 have already been adopted out 2 …#6 FYI BCZ I’m such a animal lover #7 usually when they the shelters have a high risk animal situation lucky 4 me I’m the 1 st 1 they call n why BCZ I have $$$ so yes she is a rescuers dog who HAD been mistreated needed medication ASAP 2 yes it had 2 be given 2 HER on a daily bases why did I do it BCZ i love dogs very much & I have serious $$$ so yes usually I’m the 1st 1 they call !!!! Guess what I’m just like everybody else so when they came out 2 check up on her they even comment they wished they would could be her BCZ she’s so spoiled rotten now – FYI !!! # 8 why BCZ N my community I’m well known 4 my kindness 2 animals AND 4 MY hard work – MY hard stance on all legal in justices cases – causes , why BCZ I don’t take BS from no damn body !!! #9 so this is why = FYI @ several several of my local shelters I personal have paid 4 spayed – neutering 4 folks who couldn’t PAY $$ but still wanted 2 adopt other wonderful pets out there AND FYI N theses trying times NOT a lot of them can’t afford 2 & – but my sick cancer ass can you see you peanut gallery you actually I got award 4 this @ the same time – have you ever gotten 1 you silly peanut gallery you … NO I doubt it … But I sure do OR I hope so or you DO lol lol maybe you should give back a little maybe … Bottom line is this you peanut gallery you how about not making no more comments like this unless you know me which you clearly DO NOT . Or no mine ms Quinn relationship lol lol yes she takes my $$$ which I DO give – OR I DO pay her OF MY own free will 2 be my friend lol = FYI 4 my personal readings …. FYI ms Quinn is not only a i psychic – advisory 2 me but a sweet heart – a friend , so how about don’t butt N on other folks talk unless you DO know the whole damn story THE NEXT time … You see yes I do believe & YES I DO SUPPORT $$ literally 4 & N spayed & neutered causes 4 ALL animals FYI I recently paid 4 a bunny rabbit lol & especially I do supper 4 -N NO kill policy laws !not even 4 puppies who haven’t been born yet BCZ what did they ever do 2 you , you peanut gallery you !!! Think B4 you speak out next time !!!’ No I’m not Sorry California PSYCHICS BCZ Laura has HAD that – THIS 1 coming 2 her , = Laura mind your own bus wax the next time you peanut gallery you lol no issues here I’m kool straight here lol … 🙂 NATA but love 4 y’all @ CP plz have a nice day !!! 😉

  3. LJ

    On point as usually Ms. Quinn. Cleaning, organizing, cooking and entertaining all on tap. Feeling good – thanks for your insightful forecasts.
    XO LJ

  4. Laura

    Bella…..have you heard of spaying and neutering? There are only about a million homeless pets in shelters, in need of homes. Just say’n.

  5. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    thank you miss bella. happy weekend to you and yours too.
    do tell about the puppies when they get here.
    love ya,

  6. Bella

    Lol lol I had 2 lol when it came 2 my Capricorn forecast .. My baby boy puppy is sick has 2 take medication + my baby girl is about ready 2 have her puppies I think ??? lol .. 2 funny & so right on !!!! All is well here , as you can see my sense of wicked humor still dark – in tact 2 lol … Love ya ms Quinn I hope your having a good day – happy new year 2 you – yours !!! 🙂


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