Your LOVECAST™: Romance Turns Hot

Romance turns hot over the weekend! However, it can turn to madness later in the week. Get tips on how to keep it in check according to your zodiac sign.


Week of March 8 – 14, 2008

Pisces: An explosion of inner fire turns your quiet demeanor into a blazing inferno. Express your passion! Sincere words from the heart inspire romance on Wednesday. Soulful sensuality makes passion percolate on Wednesday. A clash of wills or values is likely on Wednesday. Insanity reigns on Thursday. Your powers of attraction soar on Friday evening, with love in your hands.

Aries: You’re on fire from the Aries Moon this weekend! Take the lead in love and express your uniqueness. Clients and contacts can advance your career on Monday and Tuesday. Love is in the air, too. Conversations can take a weird turn on Wednesday and Thursday, so watch what you say. A home-cooked meal inspires a bedroom romp on Friday evening.



Taurus: Inner restlessness takes you hot on the trail of love this weekend, so use your angst to find fulfillment. Your reputation can land you an opportunity on Monday. Your sensuality is on fire on Tuesday, to plan a tryst between the sheets. Romance feels stilted on Wednesday and erratic on Thursday. Naughty talk makes passion skyrocket on Friday evening!


Gemini: Friends invoke your daring (and naughty) side this weekend. A group activity can bring in someone special. Get practical on Monday. Love blooms in a natural, beautiful setting on Tuesday. Your self-esteem may be low on Wednesday. You’re irritated easily on Thursday, so take some time to get centered. Give your brain a rest and reveal your feelings on Friday evening.


Cancer: Release your assertive side this weekend, when passion is heightened by a bit of conflict. Friends provide wisdom on Monday. Socializing can bring a romantic opportunity on Tuesday. Expressing your feelings is difficult on Wednesday. Feelings are chaotic on Thursday. You’re a magnet for romance on Friday evening, when your lusty side takes over!


Leo: Your need for an adventure this weekend can carry you to parts unknown – or at least to an exotic local activity. Networking advances your career on Monday and Tuesday, when a colleague may get romantic. A friend may cause (or get into) trouble on Wednesday. Socializing can be freaky on Thursday. Your intuition guides you in love on Friday evening as romance soars.


Virgo: Passion battles with respectability this weekend, when you’ll need to choose between lust and common sense. Romance brings delight on Monday and especially on Tuesday. Strive to see the bigger picture of your relationship. Some people around you go berserk on Wednesday or Thursday, so stay centered. Sensitivity and a cozy setting make love bloom on Friday evening.


Libra: Your quest for a partner may be fulfilled this weekend. At the very least, a rendezvous brings delight. Promote your creativity on Monday. Get earthy – food, massage, exercise – to heighten passion on Tuesday. Self-imposed limitations are in your face on Wednesday and Thursday. Working with your sweetie on a creative project heightens romance on Friday evening.


Scorpio: You’re feeling dangerously wicked this weekend, when suppressed desires come out to play! Discuss commitment on Monday. Flirting and other communications can take your relationship to the next level on Tuesday. Control issues can derail romance on Wednesday. Feelings collide with common sense on Thursday. A trip or class makes romance bloom on Friday evening.


Sagittarius: Romance soars through playful activities this weekend. Use your creativity in the boudoir to heat up passion. Love needs a grounded perspective on Monday. Slow and sexy is the ticket to make passion sizzle on Tuesday! Frustration rises on Wednesday. You or your partner’s inner wild child gets out of control on Thursday. Expressing feelings deepens intimacy on Friday evening.


Capricorn: Love challenges you to express your innermost desires this weekend, so don’t hold back! Love is steady and comforting on Monday. Your lusty side takes over on Tuesday, when romance gets a dose of optimism. Love feels heavy on Wednesday. Lending a helping hand brings fulfillment on Thursday. Plan a twosome outing for Friday evening, when love gets ready to soar.


Aquarius: Flirting can produce some delightful shocks and thrills this weekend, so let out your inner wordster. Discuss home activities on Monday. Entertaining at home can turn into a lusty encounter on Tuesday. Mixed messages derail romance on Wednesday or Thursday. Freedom issues emerge, too. Access and express your deepest feelings to heighten romance on Friday evening.


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