Your LOVECAST™: Express What’s In Your Heart

Expressing what’s in your heart makes love bloom this weekend. By mid-week, passion gets down and dirty!


Week of March 22 – 28, 2008

Aries: This weekend is all about sharing your love with your partner or friends. Compromise and cooperation rule. Your sexy beast takes over on Monday! Entertaining at home for two heats up passion on Tuesday. Your need for freedom clashes with love on Wednesday. A sudden insight about love surprises you on Thursday. A mix of earthy and ethereal revs up romance on Friday.


Taurus: Create a sumptuous boudoir to enhance romance this weekend. Passion gets even steamier on Sunday night! Sexy talk and spontaneity accelerate romance on Monday and Tuesday. Your practical side emerges in love on Wednesday. You’re restless for a change on Thursday, when love is unpredictable. Your sensuality heats up the sheets on Friday.


Gemini: Use your eloquence to rev up romance this weekend. Think “artsy!” Instincts take over on Sunday night. Expressing your empathy makes love bloom on Monday. A work flirtation distracts you on Tuesday. A close tie feels restrictive on Wednesday. Romance is chaotic (but fun?) on Thursday. Brilliance mixed with insightfulness inspires romance on Friday.


Cancer: A beautiful home ambiance makes entertaining a success this weekend. Sunday night, however, is just for two! Passion escalates on Monday and Tuesday, when a class or trip can heighten romance. Critical words can wound on Wednesday. Reveal your ideals for love on Thursday. Intimacy deepens on Friday, so plan a romantic rendezvous or getaway.


Leo: Seek romance through communications (online dating? steamy email?) or during a trip this weekend. Use your imagination to create a sexy ambiance on Monday and Tuesday. Love feels stilted on Wednesday. Romantic madness escalates on Thursday. Take care of nitpicky details on Friday afternoon, then let your creativity come out to play on Friday night!


Virgo: Show your appreciation to make love bloom this weekend. Your sensuality sizzles on Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday are even steamier, so take some time to explore your lover, inside and out. Family responsibility is the focus on Wednesday. Let out your whimsical, spontaneous side in love on Thursday. Passion (and jealousy?) escalate on Friday.


Libra: You’re a magnet for romance this weekend, so show off your elegance, charm and sexiness! Passion is deep and complex on Monday. Hidden feelings may be revealed suddenly on Tuesday. Talk turns deep on Wednesday. Your powers of attraction and way with words electrify love on Thursday. A spontaneous tryst makes passion sizzle on Friday.


Scorpio: Bring out your ultra-romantic side through fine food, drink and ambiance to rev up romance this weekend. Sunday night is hot! Your way with words heightens romance on Monday. A romantic surprise may await you on Tuesday. A clash of ideals can upset love on Wednesday. Romance needs freedom on Thursday. Love is passionate and complex on Friday.


Sagittarius: Sophisticated activities (wine tasting, gallery opening, fundraising event) can bring romance this weekend. Your instincts take over on Monday and Tuesday, when a sexy tryst at home makes passion percolate! Your confidence takes a hit on Wednesday. A party brings out your wild side on Thursday. Take romance at a leisurely pace on Friday.


Capricorn: Show off your style and artistry to intensify romance this weekend. Socializing skyrockets on Sunday night. Expressing your deepest feelings accelerates love and passion on Monday and Tuesday. Feelings may be hard to express except on Wednesday. Your sense of humor inspires romance on Thursday. Your mystique draws admirers on Friday!


Aquarius: An exotic or foreign ambiance makes passion sizzle this weekend. Love is complicated on Sunday night. A heartfelt message makes romance soar on Monday. Mixed messages upset love on Tuesday. A friend may need your help on Wednesday. A group endeavor brings romance or new friends on Thursday. Intimacy blooms in a natural ambiance on Friday.


Pisces: Think “glamorous” to rev up romance this weekend! A steamy tryst brings delight on Sunday night. Show off your brilliance with words to inspire love on Monday. An unexpected exchange brings delight on Tuesday. Relationship responsibility/commitment is the focus on Wednesday. You’re feeling playful and unpredictable on Thursday and Friday, when chemistry skyrockets.

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