Your LOVECAST™: Dizzying Heights

Romance soars to dizzying heights over the weekend. However, love gets a reality check mid-week – but don’t despair! Read your LoveCast to know what to do.

Week of April 12 – 18, 2008

Aries: Dining in a cozy ambiance heightens romance on Saturday. Love is on fire on Sunday! Your flirtatiousness is especially creative (and effective) on Monday. You’re a workaholic on Tuesday, but weirdness prevails at work on Wednesday. Set your priorities to avoid a clash between career and love on Thursday. Get real to make romance sizzle on Friday.

Taurus: Sweet talk (during a trip for two?) revs up romance on Saturday. Dare to reveal your passion on Sunday! Your artistry for entertaining shines on Monday. Discuss responsibility (or commitment!) in your relationship on Tuesday. Change is in the air on Wednesday. Your words have power on Thursday. Your sensuality is irresistible on Friday.

Gemini: Lead with your heart to inspire love on Saturday. Flirting amplifies lust on Sunday! A friendly get-together brings happiness on Monday. Discuss living arrangements on Tuesday. Expect a change in plans or direction on Wednesday. Romance is turbulent (jealously? control issue?) on Thursday. Let your intuition guide you about love on Friday.

Cancer: Your magnetism gets you noticed on Saturday, so get out there and shine! Sunday is passionate. Your fire burns brightly on Monday, so plan a sexy outing. Talk turns being serious on Tuesday. Surprise your sweetie with something imaginative on Wednesday. A clash of wills upsets love on Thursday. Love feels like the real thing on Friday.

Leo: Love needs silence and serenity to bloom on Saturday. Take the lead in love on Sunday, when passion skyrockets! Your imagination takes over on Monday, so get creative. Review your finances on Tuesday and watch spending on Wednesday. Willfulness can derail love on Thursday (is there a compromise needed?). Look for a moneymaking opportunity on Friday.

Virgo: Love can be found through a group or philanthropic activities on Saturday. Set your passion free on Sunday. Your provocative side comes out to play on Monday! Use your influence to get what you want on Tuesday, but expect a twist in the road on Wednesday. Your lover may get too willful on Thursday, but you’re back in control on Friday.

Libra: Feelings deepen on Saturday, so reveal your heart. Show off your creativity in the boudoir on Sunday! Your originality attracts others on Monday, so express your true self. Take steps to review and heal the past on Tuesday and Wednesday. The need for a personal change can result in extreme actions on Thursday (think this through). Throwing a party brings delight on Friday.

Scorpio: Your intuition guides you in love on Saturday. Romance is hot but complicated on Sunday. Fantasy may get in the way of true love on Monday. On Tuesday, network with friends and colleagues who can assist you. Love needs freedom (and a new perspective?) on Wednesday. It’s all or nothing with you on Thursday (cooperation needed). Your magnetism soars on Friday!

Sagittarius: Intimacy deepens on Saturday, if you don’t let words get in the way. A trip can heighten romance on Sunday. Daring words or actions attract others on Monday! Your personal power makes things happen at work on Tuesday, but work or family is chaotic on Wednesday. Keep friends and finances separate on Thursday. Socializing brings an opportunity on Friday.

Capricorn: Saturday is a good time for a twosome. Your inner fire sets you ablaze on Sunday! Use your imaginative side to heighten intimacy on Monday. Romance has a serious vibe on Tuesday. An unexpected communication may change your plans on Wednesday. Willfulness can derail love on Thursday. Your charisma brings a romantic interlude on Friday.

Aquarius: Love blooms in quiet moments on Saturday. You’re ready to throw a party (for two?) on Sunday! Romance has a dreamy vibe on Monday, so access your creativity to make passion sizzle. Intimacy feels heavy on Tuesday. You’re feeling rebellious and contrary on Wednesday. Deal with the past on Thursday. Your future is illuminated on Friday, so heed your inner voice.

Pisces: Your artistry can make passion sizzle on Saturday. Playful naughtiness inspires romance on Sunday! Your whimsical side revs up romance on Monday. Get serious about love on Tuesday. You’re unpredictable and disorganized on Wednesday – speaking your truth helps. Avoid negative friends on Thursday. Being genuine opens the door to love on Friday.

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