Your LOVECAST™: Outrageous Flirting

Outrageous flirting makes romance sizzle at the beginning of the week. By Wednesday, the New Moon in Cancer inspires some cozy one-on-one time. So plan a night in!

Week of June 30 – July 6, 2008

Cancer: You’re antsy for action on Monday and Tuesday, but it may not be until after the New Moon in Cancer on Wednesday that you find the right path toward fulfillment. Just heed your intuition and you’ll be guided to where you need to go. Love flows on Thursday. Friday and Saturday bring high drama in the romance arena, where your artistry can heighten passion. Commitment may be the main topic on Sunday.

Leo: Your personal power draws others to you on Monday and Tuesday, when friends or group endeavors can bring opportunities. The New Moon on Wednesday encourages introspection and heightens your intuition. Create a serene ambiance to heighten romance on Thursday. Passion soars on Friday, but avoid unrealistic relationship expectations on Saturday. Love needs a down-to-earth attitude on Sunday.

Virgo: Your intelligence and humor make you irresistible on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon brings in new friends through group activities. Love and friendship go together on Thursday, when trying something different can heighten passion. Your wild child comes out to play on Friday. Saturday may include a sexy one-on-one tryst, but Sunday brings out the serious side of love.

Libra: A trip with friends may bring a romantic adventure on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon triggers your deepest feelings and brings a career opportunity as well. Romance is sexy and sweet on Thursday. Love can be found through a community activity or friend on Friday. Use your artistry to heighten romance on Saturday. Mix practicality with your ideals to inspire love on Sunday.

Scorpio: Naughty talk heats up the sheets on Monday and Tuesday! The New Moon on Wednesday deepens your spiritual beliefs and offers you a window through which to see your future – if you listen to your inner voice. Love can be found while traveling or through a class on Thursday. Passion escalates, as does your willfulness, on Friday. Romance is complicated on Saturday and sensual yet earthy on Sunday.

Sagittarius: A sexy tryst with your partner heightens your connection on Monday. Romance is unpredictable on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon deepens your capacity for intimacy by helping to heal old emotional wounds. A quiet rendezvous revs up romance on Thursday. An exotic locale or trip makes passion sizzle on Friday and Saturday. Love feels heavy with responsibility on Sunday.

Capricorn: Romance can be found during a charity project or healthy activity (gym? bike club?) on Monday and Tuesday. The New Moon on Wednesday brings a new partnership cycle, so enjoy some intimacy with your sweetie, or, if solo, get out there and socialize! Lust heats up the boudoir on Friday. Fantasy fires up passion on Saturday. Talk about the future of your relationship on Sunday.

Aquarius: Your ingenious way with words makes you the center of attention on Monday and Tuesday. The New Moon on Wednesday brings out your instinctual side if you don’t over-analyze your feelings. Lending a helping hand inspires love on Thursday. Twosome energy soars on Friday, so plan an intimate outing. A misunderstanding with your partner is likely on Saturday. Discuss relationship longevity on Sunday.

Pisces: Use your verbal artistry to inspire love on Monday. Romance is chaotic but fun on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon brings a new cycle of romance and energizes your creative projects. Plan a romantic rendezvous on Thursday. Reveal your feelings (and passion!) to inspire love on Friday. Saturday is scattered, so take some time to get centered. Discuss taking your relationship to the next level on Sunday.

Aries: Monday and Tuesday are all about networking to promote your ideas and projects. The New Moon on Wednesday gives you the urge to create a gorgeous home ambiance in which to entertain friends and family. A homey tryst heightens romance on Thursday. Passion escalates on Friday and Saturday, when your creativity soars, too. Sunday is an excellent time to get your creative projects off the ground.

Taurus: Flirting escalates on Monday and Tuesday. Look for a financial opportunity then, too. Wednesday’s New Moon empowers your words and ideas and urges you to express your heart -which can make romance bloom, especially on Thursday. Throwing a party can bring delight on Friday. Fantasy heightens passion on Saturday, but watch out for a misunderstanding. Love turns serious on Sunday.

Gemini: Your powers of attraction soar on Monday, but you’ll be playing hard to get on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon encourages a deeper emotional connection with those you love. Look for a moneymaking opportunity then, too. Showing your appreciation inspires love on Thursday. Your wit and wisdom make you hard to resist on Friday and Saturday. Family activities (or issues) take precedence on Sunday.

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